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Gemma is a british gravure idol and cosplay model.

Gemma was raised in London,England. While still in high school, she was selected by a Japanese producer to come to Japan where she made her first debut, being very young and missing home, Gemma left Japan to live with her mother. 

​Gemma worked in London before deciding to come back to Japan to pursue her career in modeling.

​Gemma landed jobs such as magazine and CM before deciding to venture into Japans gravure industry.






​Gemma made her first gravure image DVD debut at age 19, releasing  天使降臨Tenshi Kourin and Gemma Nude which ranked number one on Amazon Japan. She is the First non-japanese gravure model to be a number one hit in Japan's Gravure Industry.

ジェマさんはAmazon Japanで1位を記録した 天使降臨 と GEMMA NUDE を発売し、19歳で最初のグラビアDVDデビューを果たしました。彼女は日本のグラビア業界で1位を獲得した最初の日本人以外のグラビアモデルです。

​So far, Gemma has released 16 image DVDs, and has been featured in over 5 magazines including Japan's Weekly Playboy and Weekly Post where she was shot by famous photographer Nishida Koki.

現在までにジェマさん は 16枚のDVDを発売し、日本の週刊プレイボーイや週刊ポストを含む5つ以上の雑誌で特集されています。そうした雑誌で彼女は有名な写真家である西田幸樹に撮影されています。